Icebreakers Uganda Clinic

HIV screening

We offer free STI screening and treatment HIV and all STIs in our laboratory at the center. We do treatment and management of opportunistic infections like Flu, cold, Malaria and refer where needed.

PrEP and PEP

Prevention is highest on our programming so we avail free prevention services like PEP and PrEP. Currently available at the center and referral where there is need. Contact us for more..

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Offer counseling to LGBT individuals, couples and groups, about health, behavioral change and ART adherence with professionalism and confidentiality kept at all time.

Condoms & Lubricants

Since 2004 we have been providing condoms & lubricants to LGBT Ugandans reachable to us. We are fully stocked with consumables and give them out free of charge


We test and treat at the center and this calls for a well stocked pharmacy we have.
Treatment of opportunistic infections like Flu, cough, Malaria, STIs like Syphilis, Anal warts, Herpes etc can be treated at the center.

Orient Health Workers

We have bee to different parts of Uganda,orienting health workers on handling health needs for LGBT people especially around HIV and STIs.

Why we started the Clinic

In May 2012, Icebreakers Uganda opened the first LGBT clinic in Uganda; it was due to widespread homophobia and the very unfriendly services that LGBT people were getting from health service providers. This risked their lives because they had problems accessing LGBT friendly health services. Being a Key population/marginalized group, the risks of HIV and other STIs were and are still high.

We opened the ICEBREAKERS CLINIC to cater for sexual minority groups so as to avail accessible, free and friendly health services.